Nail & Lanyard with Pin

We are professional provide various EAS security tags, Anti-theft tags, alarm tags, magnet tags, plastic alarm tags, for clothing security alarm system, supermarket anti-shoplifting system, retail shop Anti-theft system and so on. Such as RF mini square hard tags, eccentric circle hard tags, large square hard tags, AM super tags, flat pencil hard tags etc. And you can freely choose different nails to fix the alarm tag in goods, like steel nail, nylon pin, flat head pin, lanyard with pin and other pins.

alarm tags with lanyard

               Lanyard with Pin

anti theft tags with pin

  Flat Head Pin

clothing security alarm tag

                     Nylon Pin

clothing alarm tags with pin

                           Steel Pin 1

eas tags with steel pin

                     Steel Pin 2

magnet alarm tag with pin

                    Steel Pin 3

plastic alarm tags with pin