Common Anti-theft system comparison

The anti-theft system mainly uses the existing telephone network or wireless mobile phone GSM network, through wireless or wired way, connect the host phone, to achieve the remote anti-theft function of electronic products. At present the most common use of retail stores Anti-theft system has two kinds:

The first: RF anti-theft system.

RF Anti-theft system is currently the most widely used Anti-theft system, the main advantage is low cost, mature technology, the effect of stability and easy to manual adjustment. But according to my several year’s market experiences, before 2014 years ago, many clients are willing to choose RF security alarm system, because another Anti-theft alarm system is more expensive, and RF system alarm antennas except cheap price, install and adjust is easier. But since 2015 after, maybe the rf security system can’t satisfaction shop need, because the shop of entrance doorway getting wider and wider, more than 2 meters, but a set RF alarm antenna just can sensing distance range is 1.0-1.7 meter, if more than 1.8 meters, the RF system is not good. so if your shop entrance doorway has than 1.8 meters, don’t suggest use RF anti-theft alarm system. But if the door has 3 meters, you can install 3 bars RF antenna, two transmitting antennas with one receiving antenna, divided into two channels, each channel 1.5 meters, keep within 1.8 meters at one set RF door that is ok. If your supermarket needs to install an anti-theft alarm system, RF security also can satisfaction, because in the supermarket need use the soft label, and the soft label sensing distance just has 1.2 meters. so use RF system is ok.

RF alarm systemRF security alarm system

The second: sound and magnetic(AM) Anti-theft system

(AM) anti-theft system mainly concentrated in large stores, such as Wal-Mart etc.  The AM alarm security system getting more popular, it’s main advantages of advanced technology, wide protection width, prevent metal shielding, Low wrongly called. Recently, the AM security alarm system widely using in our client’s shop, because the AM alarm system the price getting cheaper than before several years, and the AM system alarm antenna with AM anti-theft tag can satisfaction wide distance entrance doorway sensing. Like, if your garment store entrance door has 2 meters, you just choose to install 1 set AM Anti-theft alarm antenna (one transmitting antenna and one receiving antenna), that’s can perfect to working to protect your goods in the shop. And if choose RF system, maybe the sensing effect is not good because you know the RF security antenna and RF hard alarm tags, just can sensing within 1.8 meters, more than 1.8 meters, the effect is not good or don’t work. But AM system totally can install widely distance, the AM alarm tag can sensing 1.0-4.0 meters, like AM mini security tag, alarm tag with lanyard and so on, can sensing distance 1 to 1.5 meters, the am super tag, big alarm tag, flat pencil hard tag etc, can be sensed within 2.4 meters. And last, new Research tags of AM system, super large flat pencil hard tag can be sensed 3 to 4 meters.

AM alarm systemAM anti-theft systemAM system antenna

We will still to develop new hard tag to protect your expensive goods. Jie Yi Nou EAS Technology Co., Ltd professional provide retail shop, supermarket, garment fashion store anti-shoplifting system for you.

RF Security Alarm System                                                RF Clothing Anti-theft Antenna

clothing security alarm systemRF anti-theft alarm system

 AM Alarm Security Door                                                    AM Garment Anti-theft Alarm System

AM alarm system antennaAM security alarm system

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