What are the advantages of supermarket anti-theft hard tags?

Supermarket anti-theft hard tag production principle is the destruction of the principle. The hard alarm tag is not easy to remove, forced to remove the tag will destroy the goods. It is easy to use, has a good deterrent effect, and the cost is very low, used in clothing security alarm, glasses Anti-theft, jewelry, ties, silk and other goods anti-shoplifting alarm, and the EAS alarm hard tag you can repeat use.

Supermarket anti-theft hard tag of the two major advantages:

1. High efficiency

If your shop has installed EAS security alarm system, When the thief takes something to go out, can catch him right now, has a great deterrent effect on theft. But closed-circuit television and other systems, even if the inspectors observed the behavior of hiding goods, and only wait until he goes out, to search the body, tracking a long time, whether the results are useful are uncertain.

2.Save manpower.

Closed-circuit television system, the need for security personnel all day long staring at the screen, greatly increasing the cost of shopping malls, increased the difficulty of shopping malls, and EAS electronic anti-theft system will automatically identify the theft of people.

plastic alarm taggolf alarm hard tag for detacher

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