EAS Security  Alarm System For Shop Anti-theft

  1. We are Professional Supplier

    Jie Yi Nou EAS technology co., LTD can provide various EAS alarm anti-theft tags (such as mini square hard tags for supermarket anti-theft, large hard tags for garment security, and AM & RF alarm tags ect), give you the best alarm tags, the best price, the best solutions for shop loss prevention. Everytime professional service, if you have any questions about EAS security system& tags, before sale and after sold, welcome to contact us.

  2. Anti-theft Tags, Alarm Labels, and EAS Systems

    Purchasing high quality Anti-theft Sensor Tags, Alarm Labels, and EAS Systems is important. We guarantee the quality and authenticity of every product we supply and sell, use the best material to production every tags, and promiss the tags more than 95% have effections in every orders, control the bad tags within 5%. we ship orders rapidly and cost-effectively to customers in all regions of the world.

  3. Garment& Fashion Shop Loss Prevention Solution

    If you have Garment shop and want to install security anti-theft system, Jie Yi Nou EAS company will tell you the best install plan to protect your shop goods. According to our experience, usually, using in apparel fashion store anti-theft system set is include Security Antennas, Alarm Hard Tags, Detacher, Lanyard with Pin. Of course, we will according to your shop to make suitable solution expecially for you.

  4. Retail&Supermarket Loss Prevention Solution

    Everyday retail shop & supermarket have many human traffic, so we need to install EAS security anti-theft system to prevent loss products, reduce lossed. According to our experience, a set retail& supermaeket anti-theft alarm system need security sensor antennas, alarm hard tags, soft labels, bottle hard tags, hard tag detacher,solf label detacher, lanyard with pin. If you want to know more detail about loss prevention, welcome to contact us.

  5. Profession Tell You How To Choose RF OR AM SYSTEM

    Usually, we have two system using in clothing security alarm system and supermarket anti-theft, is AM SYSTEM and RF SYSTEM. So how can we to choose?Jie Yi Nou EAS company will profession suggest you. RF system have advantage of cheap price and can adjust by handwork,very convenience. AM system is a little more expensive than RF system, but sensing more good and more distance, effect is more stable. Of course, those two system all can use according to your shop to make different installtion plan. Welcome to contact us to get more detail suggestions.


EAS Security Anti-theft Alarm Tags

       Jie Yi Nou EAS technology co., LTD., located in  China, is a specialized supply of EAS systems (RF and AM) and accessories etc, we focus on the production of innovative EAS products, anti-theft alarm antenna and various hard tags), soft labels for Chinese and overseas markets. OEM and ODM are warmly welcome. Our company have various RF tag and AM tag for the RF or AM Anti-theft alarm system( like mini square hard tag, eccentric round alarm tag, golf plastic alarm tag, AM super tag, flat pencil alarm tag etc), you are free to choose suitable for garment and retail industry and so on.We are anti-theft tags supplier, professionally provide various EAS alarm hard tag, office in Shenzhen. Because Iron and steel materials can not be produced in Guangdong province of China, so our factory local in Zhejiang............